Vistumbler is a free Windows utility that helps in finding and detecting nearby Wi-Fi networks based on their signal’s strength.

Since everywhere you go, there are thousands of Wi-Fi available, and acquiring information about the right public Wi-Fi can be hard task, tool likes Vistumbler becomes necessary in such circumstances.

So next time you are outside your office or home and looking for strong public WiFi, don’t forget the name: Vistumbler.

It does all the hard work of checking the network strenght, speed and available slots for connection. As for interface of Vistumbler is concerned, it has very simple UI, which makes it very user friendly.

Download Vistumbler Latest Version

File NameVistumbler_v10-6-5.exe
File Size6.1 MB
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7/8/10

This utility does not require any installation and is portable. All you need is to simply download the .exe file and run it. With a click on a button, Vistumbler will show you all the available networks in few seconds along with all the necessary details of network.

Vistumbler is free utility and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems.