Supercopier is a free and lightweight application with many features designed to copy, move or transfer files and folders with very high speed.

Download Supercopier

It offers many options during file copying such as pausing file transfer, limiting speed, pause and resume transfer etc. Supercopier lets the user specify the source directory and the target directory and lets you copy files with various options.

Download Supercopier for Windows

Application NameSupercopier
Size7 MB

Installation Steps

  1. Open the downloaded file, proceed with the installation, specify the location and install it.
  2. Click on the Finish button when it completes.

How to Use Supercopier

You can access Supercopier from the system tray and use its funcitons by right clicking the Supercopier icon in the system tray. Users can click on the “More” button to reveal more information about the files you plan to copy or move e.g. Source and target directory.

Supercopier also allows you to drag and drop files and folders to the current task.

If any error occurs during the process of copying por moving files, Supercopier displays information about the error in the error console. In case of collision during copying, Supercopier gives you options like skipping the files, moving them to the end of the queue or asking the user what to do.

Furthermore, you can do searches and export the list of transfer files to LST file format which may be useful for you in the future. With Supercopier, you can move files and folders without altering their dates, use a custom location if target location is not specified and also create inclusion and exclusion lists.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 250 MB free space
  • Intel Pentium 4 or higher.

Supercopier may not be able to copy or move files significantly faster than Windows Explorer but it does have many features for new and professional users alike.