Download PDFBinder 1.2

PDFBinder is a free and easy to use lightweight tool that lets you merge multiple PDF documents into a single document and relieve you of the tedious process of sending multiple PDF documents to different people.

Download PDFBinder 1.2 (Latest Version)

File NamePDFBinder.msi
File Size1.68 MB

PDFBinder Review

The PDFBinder interface is very simple and all the settings are combined into a single window to avoid wasting the user’s time. Because of its simplicity, it is highly recommended for the less experienced users who only need the basic functions and cannot use complex methods to merge multiple PDF documents.

With just simple drag and drop, you can complete the task of merging multiple PDF documents into single document. Along with that, PDFBinder lets you preview and make changes in the file by using the preview mode, arrange the order of the PDFs and even remove files that you do not want before saving and confirming the final document. Moreover, you can easily search for the file by using the search button.

As for installation of PDFBinder is concerned, it is very easy to install and does not require too much space. Once you install PDFBinder, you can use all its functions without a free trial or paying for it after the trial ends.

Some users feel that PDFBinder does the basic function of merging PDFs very efficiently but does not perform any other functions other than that, which is the only downside of this application.


Is PDFBinder Available for Mac?

Currently, PDFBinder is only available for Windows and is not available for Mac.

Is PDFBinder Free to Use?

PDFBinder is free to use and unlike many other free applications, does not contain any advertisements, spyware or anything like that.

Does it Use High Resources?

PDFBinder use very little system resources without causing any system freezes or crash.