download H2testw for windows 10

H2testw is a a free utility to test hard drivers and SD cards quality by testing them for read/write speed and errors.

Download H2testw (Latest Version)

Application NameH2testw
File Size213 KB

H2testw is a portable free and portable application that provides you information about your storage devices when reading or writing data. This application is very useful if you want to check your storage devices or if you have bought a new one and want to check if the specifications math those on the package.

One good thing about H2testw is that it does not require any install and is very easy to use which makes it perfectly suitable for inexperienced users. It can detect bad sectors, long initialization times and much more.

Sometimes, particularly USB devices have less space than what is offered on the package. H2testw lets you scan and detect false capacity as well as it can scan internal and external hard disks, network cards, USB drives and memory cards. You can scan a whole storage device or scan a specific amount of data.

After completing scan, H2testw will give you information about the time it took to complete the test, the reading and writing speed and the number of megabytes tested.

To the drive’s writing speed. H2testw creates a file of a specific and test how your device can write that file.

How to Use H2testw

  1. Extract the compressed H2testw file and run h2testw.exe.
  2. Select language and then click Select Target.
  3. Select the drive letter of the drive you want to scan and select All Available Space.
  4. Then, click Write + Verify and wait for the process to complete.

If no errors are found, H2testw will display Test finished without errors. Otherwise it will state the errors found.