ePSXe is a must have application for you if you plan to enjoy your PlayStation games on Windows 10 computer or laptop.

Download ePSXe for Windows 10

Download ePSXe for Windows 10

File NameePSXe.zip
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ePSXe is short for Enhanced PSX Emulator. ePSXe is a PS1 emulator for PC. In layman’s terms, this lets you play the infamous PS1 games of your childhood on your PC.

How ePSXe Works?

Emulator learns the way in which the program functions on another system and tries to do the same on another system. In this way, an emulator lets you play specific console games on PC. But the drawback is that those programs that have been emulated are specifically designed to run on those systems (consoles) and they are hardware-accelerated on that platform too.

So, in the process of emulating, these games do not take full advantage of the PC hardware. But if you are looking to run specific games, you can check the list of supported games on ePSXe on their official site.

If you wish to use your Playstation controller as well when playing PS games with ePSXe, then you would need to install Better DS3 as well.

How to Install ePSXe

As for the installation of ePSXe, head over to this link () and download the file. When the downloading completes, open the file and extract it. After this, you only have to run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

ePSXe lets the users customize the controls. In addition to this, there is a list of controllers that are supported on ePSXe. There is no issue for the saving of games. The saved files are stored on your system and can be loaded at the time of playing that specific game.