ATF Cleaner

ATF Cleaner is a very powerful, yet lightweight free utility that cleans up temporary files in Windows, Firefox and Opera.

Download ATF Cleaner Latest Version for Windows

The easy to use interface of ATF cleaner is what makes it so popular. When you run this software, you will see option to either clean up all the temporarty files or select the files you want to clean. Apart from Windows files, ATF cleaner also gives you option to clean up Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer temporary files as well.

After you select your desired operation, the ATF Cleaner will run the operation and at the end, it will show you total KBs freed by deletion of temporary files.

Download ATF Cleaner Latest Version

File NameATF-Cleaner.exe
File Size50 KB
Supported OSWindows XP/7/8/10

Is ATF Cleaner Safe to Use? What is atf cleaner.exe?

The answer is YES.

ATF Cleaner is absolutely safe to use. Since it comes as a portable execution (.exe) file, you do not need to install it. Simply run it after downloading and it will start doing its work.

The atf cleaner.exe process is related to ATF cleaner. You will see it in Task Manager when this utility is running.

How to Uninstall ATF Cleaner?

Since ATF Cleaner is portable utility and comes in .exe file, which requires no installation, it means the uninstall is easy as well.

To uninstall ATF Cleaner, simply follow these steps:

  1. Close ATF Cleaner.
  2. Open Task Manager on your PC.
  3. Look for atf cleaner.exe process and end it.
  4. Once the process is ended, delete the .exe file and clean the recycle bin.