If you are looking for freeware and light-weight flashcard app to help you improve your memorization skills, then Anki is the solution.

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Download Anki

Application NameAnki
Size60 MB

In this day and age, almost everything has become digitalized. Majority of work is done on computers. Whether it be educational assignments, office work or business management, efficient working requires a proper timetable.

A lot of the time, people forget to finish their pending tasks. This why an app that lets you save the schedule for the upcoming days might become handy in such situations. However, the idea of such an app isn’t very new, but Anki does it in a more efficient and simpler way.

Anki is a free program that lets you store any kind of information or data that might become useful in the future. This data can be stored in a variety of ways to make it more accessible.

Features of Anki

Anki is light-weight program with tons of features. You store data in Anki in the form of cards, which are placed inside decks. You can create up to million cards, so there should be no worries about. You can also add images and videos and use many other settings to customize your cards/decks. Also, the data can be easily backed up.

Its interface is very simple and easy to access. Anki is available for both Android and PC devices. All you need to do to start using Anki is to download it from here (link). Run the installer and then open Anki from the desktop, after the installation completes.